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DC Universe review - 9/10

Dc Universe is a mmo pc game that can either be purchased or downloaded for free and today I will be reviewing the free version.

The first time I played DC Universe I was hooked on the creating your own hero or villain and choosing the movement special power and even getting to chose who was going to be your mentor was pretty exciting.

There are 3 movement abilities, 10 powers, and 11 weapons (however this varies depending if you have the free version or not).

The movement abilities you can choose from are; Acrobatic, flying and super speed. I personally always go for the acrobatic ability as you can glide high in to the sky, so basically flying, you can run a lot faster than usual but not as fast as the super speed obviously and there are some added features such as being able to scale the side of buildings and grappling onto the roofs.

As there are so many I won't go into much detail but the powers you can use are; fire, ice, nature, sorcery, mental, gadgets, light and electronic, iconic and finally earth. I haven't used every single power so I can't fairly judge which ones better but the three I have used being fire, earth and ice I thought that fire was the best. I think this because of the power upgrades that you can unlock for it being power blast and inflamed weapons.

And finally the weapons that are available for use are; One-Handed
Hand Blaster, Bow, Brawling, Dual Pistols, Dual Wield, Martial Arts, Rifle, Staff, Two-Handed, Shield.
Again the same as the powers I haven't had a chance to try them all out but I think that out of the weapons I have used and because if my style of fighting I think that the normal dual wield is the best choice if weaponry. This is because it does a hell of a lot of damage, plus it's great for up close and far away company as you do have the option later to unlock the ability to throw you swords at the selected target.

So your finally satisfied with the character you've got and you want to head straight into the game and the online aspect well sorry but your not there just yet.

With Sony's single player tutorial you have to get your way through small groups of soldiers and destroy the guardian. Your there all that's standing in your way is destroying the remaining soldiers and this is where it gets interested. If your a villain no matter who your mentor is you will always be greeted by lex Luther, and the hero superman, to help you destroy the remaining of the ships high tech and professionally trained army to get to the teleporter so you can make your way to the city and cause hell.

When you first arrive in the main city you are in a small night club. Inside you will find all your famous villains like two face and cat women. Here is where the adventure begins.

You have to complete a series of quests and fight battles to stop bane from sending out his venom and also fight along side villains such as killer croc and cat women.

I think that throughout this game always manages to entertain you and keep you going but sometimes the missions do drag on a bit. The main problem that I found was after defeating bane in the main story it didn't give me any direction to what I do next except continue the side missions but I wondered if that was the main story over and I'm hoping that its not.

Another bad point was the chat system. Haven't to generally click the different party chats and having to reset the chats a lot, In my opinion, is a very bad and quite a boring idea.

This game didn't disappoint me on anything visual wise I thought the whole experience and game was very well thought through and constructed and didn't and still can't find any bugs or things wrong with it.

My personal rating on this game is a 9/10 because it has a great storyline and theme however the confusion after defeating Bane put me off as didn't know if I was finished or not.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first review and I hope it was very informative and helped you to understand a little about the game.




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